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Highland Park Single Malt

My last try at a single malt is the Highland Park label. Highland Park 12 year old is certainly on the smokey side of Glenlivet or Glenfiddich. The color is very amber and sits in the glass well. When you want one of the Highland Malts Highland Park should be one you try. It starts smokey and ends up with a mild sweet finish. Certainly try this one with your favorite cigar. My next is a blended Scotch under the label of Grant’s.

Tweeds are back in Highland Jackets

Tweeds, a return to traditional men’s clothing. When it comes to kilts a tweed jacket precedes everything else that the industry currently offers. The cut may have been different, but today’s tweed takes you back to a era that was filled with noble gentlemen and ladies of the manor. The current tweed jacket is based on the Argyle Jacket that is available off the rack in black. For many I need to cover some jacket basics. There are three basic jackets available to a gentleman kilt wearer. The best way to explain them is that a Prince Charlie is the Tuxedo jacket, the Argyle is the suit coat, and the tweed jacket is the sport coat of the three. The one that everyone thinks they need to own is the Prince Charlie, the tuxedo of the three jackets. I say the Tuxedo because it is for White Tie and Tails, or where you would wear a tuxedo. Rule of thumb here: If you would not wear a tuxedo at the event you are going to then just because your wearing a kilt does not make the Prince Charlie any more acceptable. When you tell most shops that you want a Prince Charlie, they just sell it to you without question. Not at the Kilt & Thistle, all of our staff is aware that asking you questions about where, and to what event, are you going to wear the jacket you are wanting to purchase. We ask this of all accessories, but a jacket can be an expensive mistake. Rather than go over every possible scenario , I will just go over the jackets in detail. The Prince Charlie, the tuxedo jacket is worn to very formal events. I can only think of a few places on the West Coast that a Prince Charlie would be required. The Prince Charlie is available in a smooth wool fabric known as Barathea. Colors are black , off the rack and any number of options like Navy, Dark Greens, called Bottle green and an even darker Rifle green. The lapels should always be a satin, as a cloth lapel looks unfinished. The Argyle jackets named after the cuff design , three buttons arranged around the cuff at an angle along with a material, like a gauntlet , also know as the gauntlet cuff, to make it a dashing look. This is the suit coat of jackets and is the most versatile. The material is also the same smooth wool Barathea and the same color palette is available.Lapels on this should be the cloth of the jacket. Now here is where there is confusion amongst many and I hope I can explain it to your satisfaction. There are two other jackets based on the Argyle and they are called the Braemar and the Crail. The body of the jacket and the fabric options are the same with the cuff treatment being the options. The Breamar has three buttons placed up the sleeve identical to the Prince Charlie and the Crail has no buttons on the cuff or sleeve. I will try to have a link for you to our site with pictures. The third jacket is commonly referred to as The Tweed or the casual , day jacket. Back in the day when people wore a Dinner Jacket for dinner every night, you could have referred to this one as the casual jacket, but no more. And at one time before the Prince Charlie or the Argyle the Tweed was, arguably the only Highland jacket. Here again is where it is a bit confusing. The tweed is designed and roughly the same shell as the Argyle and comes with the same cuff options. There are however dozens of tweed fabrics to match up with any tartan. All three jackets deserve their very own column. So look for one for each of the jackets. If you are unclear about any of this or just want more information, email or call me at the store. That is why we are here.

The Kristmas Customer

Why is it that a guy can remember the name of the tight end for the Green Bay Packers that scored the winning touchdown in the 2003 Super bowl, but can’t remember his wifes Birthday. Let alone her sizes and dare I say her taste in , well anything. OK you’re pretty sure that she prefers red when it comes to tool boxes and naturally Delta skil saws are her preference when doing construction. But guys, what is so hard about knowing the least little thing about your significant other? There are men that do pay attention, but why does being John Wayne include a deep lack of knowledge about what your wife or girl friend would want for Christmas?
I bring this up after many years in retail seeing a battalion of men stumble into our retail store one after another, with what I call “deer in the headlights” look on their face. They shop once a year, and not really sure why! They go for something safe jewelry, because to pick out clothing would require even more work, the rare knowledge of her sizes.

Now I will brag a little here , but I do not consider me that unusual , or work extra hard at knowing the least little thing about my wife, but I do pretty well.
I must say as much as I considered my father to be a great guy, he was just as bad as many others.
He once confided in me a story that finally even embarrassed the John Wayne of our family. My Father after many years of vain attempts to buy things for my Mother he finally gave up. He told me that year after year everything he would buy would go back as he called “trading stock”  for the after Christmas returns. So he decided why go through the effort, he finally went into the Nordstrom ladies department, ask one of the sales girls to pick out some things according to his budget, her choice, and then proceed directly to the gift wrap department. He had no idea what he had bought, but there were always presents under the tree for my Mother. Until one year, you see this kind of apathy leads to more apathy, and one year he forgot his trip to Nordstrom. My Mother was devastated, and at the time, we kids were to young to buy for her and she had nothing under the tree. Now before you judge him too harshly, that man went to a job he hated for thirty two years straight, and never called in sick. He always made sure we had food on the table and a roof over our head. Born during the Depression, he knew that the essentials were a little more important than a few presents under the tree. But what is your excuse? We have know fifty years of the greatest prosperity on the planet, and you don’t even know your wifes dress size.
One year a good friend of mine wanted me to go Christmas shopping with him. I found out that he wanted me to help him with things for his wife. When he wanted me to help him pick out intimate apparel for her, I was a little suspicious. did he think that I had seen something that I should not have? Frankly I knew her sizes exactly, not because I had intimate knowledge of her sizes , but once you know the least little bit about womens clothing, it really is not that hard. Small women are easier, the larger the girl, the harder it is to estimate some specific sizes. I have also spent a great deal of time and energy, on my own with women of all sizes, purely as an investigation mind you. Once he gave her the presents, I found out that I did guess wrong on some of the colors for that intimate apparel, she doesn’t like green, but I got the cup size exactly. Go figure!

Welcom to PlaidtotheBone

If you are not Scottish, then you may not get it. What is “it” , it is the colorful and very full history that makes us proud to be Scots. Known as a hardy and frugal people, the Scots have lived in a land that is not that good for farming, it’s cold, it’s wet and it’s barren nature makes it unsuitable for most people. We have defended this land known as Scotland for over two thousand years.  Actually that is the well documented history, as up in the Orkney’s they have found a Viking village that dates back to nearly 4,000 B.C. .  It’s built on top of a Pictish village. Never heard of the Picts, understandable as they have been erased from the earth. There is some argument as to how they disappeared, but disappeared they did.  So for six thousand years foreign invaders have wanted to inhabit Scotland. The Romans came to visit, they left, the English came , and they left, then they cam back again and again. The Vikings would occasionally vacation in Scotland ,  but got to like the place and a few even stayed.
To be objective, I am not sure what could have been so valuable. Until we found North Sea Gas, the only thing Scotland was good for was raising sheep.