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Blended Whiskey Grant’s

Well on our last trip to the Pleasanton San Francisco Highland Games, for us in Oregon California offers an opportunity to purchase hard liqueur without the heavy taxes we pay here in Oregon. Not that I would transport any alcohol over state lines, I would never do that. We do have a very large trailer and in the good years there is room left over on the way back. We stopped at one of the many warehouse outlets that sells alcohol and did some light purchasing. I want to add that all alcohol I purchased was for my personal consumption.  One of the many liqueurs I purchased was a large bottle of Grant’s Blended whiskey.  Now I like a peaty and some even say harsh single malt. The blended whiskeys are normally supposed to be for a larger audience and those less likely to like the single malt characteristics. I tried the Grant’s on it’s own over some ice. I found it harsh, not in a peaty way, but as if they skipped some of the processes alcohol takes to make it drinkable.  So maybe that was not a fare test and it needed further review. You see I had purchased the large bottle, because well, it was cheap and being Scottish, nothing should go to waste so further testing was mandatory. I tried mixing the Grant’s with Coke over ice. Well that was it, it needed to be mixed with something and found it very drinkable. Apparently too drinkable.  After several different tries , I found the same results the following mornings.  I ezperienced a headache and a general sense of nausea.  Well back to my favorite single malt, wher I wake up in much better shape.

Highland Park Single Malt

My last try at a single malt is the Highland Park label. Highland Park 12 year old is certainly on the smokey side of Glenlivet or Glenfiddich. The color is very amber and sits in the glass well. When you want one of the Highland Malts Highland Park should be one you try. It starts smokey and ends up with a mild sweet finish. Certainly try this one with your favorite cigar. My next is a blended Scotch under the label of Grant’s.