Ghliie Brogues

The Ghillie Brogue is the standard shoe to be worn with the kilt. I do not always follow the rules. The real problem I have had with ghillie brogues is that almost all of the shoes are what I call a “novelty shoe”. Nothing more than a cheap product to fill a need. Then again many people treat the kilt and the Highland attire nothing more than a costume. I do not look at the iconic image of my Forefathers as a costume, and I certainly do not wear it on Halloween. I am also a person, and I hope you are to, that wants to purchase quality. There are many reasons to buy quality product, as in the long run, they end up costing you less than if you purchase a cheap product and then have to buy it again and again. It also may seem odd, since I own a retail business, but I do not like to shop. No, not even for stuff I like. I research my purchase and then make a purchase, done. I buy the best I can afford and that way I have to shop less by not having to buy it again latter. Ghillie brogues are one of those excellent examples. For the first few years we were in business, I did not carry brogues in our shop, because the quality of the shoes out there was so poor. After a while and many, many requests by customers I broke down and bought the best we could find at the time. Naturally I bought a pair for myself and went about wearing them. It was not a dozen wearings and the upper leather cracked at where my foot bends. So here I am buying another pair of ghillie brogues. We recently renewed a relationship with a popular dance shoe company that has come out with a new premium line of shoes. Avriel of Canada. Six options in all from an economy brogue to a high end military shoe and everything in between. My purchase will be a pair of the Premium Dress Leather Sole shoes, because I wear leather sole shoes for all dress occasions, and predominantly I wear my kilt in dress situations. I am so impressed with this line of shoes that we are producing videos of the benefits and differences in each of the models offered. For those who purchase a pair of brogues from you will receive a demonstration video on how to tie your ghillie brogues.

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