Cheviot Hose Update

Most of you are not going to wear your kilt as often as I do. That’s where my experience helps you, so you don’t have the awkward experience of having your kilt fly over your head or having your ghillie brogue laces caught in the elevator door. Not that either one has happened to me.

My point is that hopefully I can help you by the experience I have with the products we sell, and even a few that we don’t and keep you rock’in your kilt.

We started selling Cheviot Hose this fall, after the research we do on any product, that includes knowledge of the company and the way they do business. Cheviot Hose is woven in Scotland in Haywick and their dedication to quality is amazing. They have a strong product line that includes hose for Country Gentlemen for wellies and plus fours, along with a very attractive Ladies line.

I have now worn two models of the Cheviot Kilt Hose , the Glenmore and the Harris. I have worn them both now more than once which includes the important feature of how they do after they are washed. Surprisingly they wear a little different in performance , even though they are made from the same blend of 3 ply Marino Wool and Acrylic.

The Glenmore has a cooler feel and seems a better fit for summer wear, he odd thing is that the sock stayed up on my calf easier and with less care. I have stout calves and had a little trouble keeping my hose up with the Harris model of hose. I walk a great deal, ten blocks either way to our Salem store and just about every where I go, I prefer to walk. The other morning I was on my way to the train station, wearing the Harris model of the Cheviot Hose. They are built for fuller calves. With the weight of the sgian dubh , that sock fell while I was walking. The other fell withing blocks. The best option was to tighten up the elastic on my flashes. The smoothness of the Merino wool and the fullness design in the hose attributed to them falling down. I have had any number of kilt hose from hand knits to a dozen different manufacturers. I have never had a better kilt hose that the Cheviot Hose.

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