Kilt Flashes and Garters

For those of you new to kilts or have not been around proper Scottish attire, the term flashes needs an explanation. We use the word Flashes as the term for the garters that hold up the kilt socks, and they are more often referred to as kilt hose. Since kilts and the attire that goes with them can historically go back hundreds of years, it’s only fitting the terms we use do as well. Now back to Flashes or garters for the kilt socks. The kilt hose goes up the calf to just under the knee. To keep the hose from falling down a good Scot would take a piece of leather, braided cloth or whatever else he could get his hands on and tie it around the top of the hose around the calf. Like much of our Scottish clothing this adapted and morphed into what we have today. For many years the adaptation consisted of an elastic band roughly three quarters of an inch wide , for comfort, and some Velcro sewn on each end to fasten it together. You pick a place roughly three inches from the top of the hose and wrap it around. You then fold the hose over, so as to cover the elastic. Naturally we can not have function with out design and to make this attractive, strips of colorful wool, or ribbon are sewn on to the Velcro at a ninety degree angle. That way once wrapped around the calf the colorful ribbon hangs down below the folded area of the hose so as to be a colorful , yet concealed design element. The upgrade version of this is a throw back to the time when men wore garters to hold up all socks and used a metal clasp to keep the elastic together. Our Premium Flashes have a metal clasp harkening back to the quality of yesterday, available to you today from us. The newest product available harkens back even farther to the original garter flashes. Hose of Cheviot Hose Company now makes a woven wool garter that ties around the calf like those old simple original garter flashes that you wrap around and tie a knot in them. That said , they are certainly an upgrade , as a woven merino wool blend strip of cloth with fringe on both ends. The width and quality of fabric make these new Cheviot Garters a very attractive option on many levels. garter-red-on-blue-hose

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