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Welcom to PlaidtotheBone

If you are not Scottish, then you may not get it. What is “it” , it is the colorful and very full history that makes us proud to be Scots. Known as a hardy and frugal people, the Scots have lived in a land that is not that good for farming, it’s cold, it’s wet and it’s barren nature makes it unsuitable for most people. We have defended this land known as Scotland for over two thousand years.  Actually that is the well documented history, as up in the Orkney’s they have found a Viking village that dates back to nearly 4,000 B.C. .  It’s built on top of a Pictish village. Never heard of the Picts, understandable as they have been erased from the earth. There is some argument as to how they disappeared, but disappeared they did.  So for six thousand years foreign invaders have wanted to inhabit Scotland. The Romans came to visit, they left, the English came , and they left, then they cam back again and again. The Vikings would occasionally vacation in Scotland ,  but got to like the place and a few even stayed.
To be objective, I am not sure what could have been so valuable. Until we found North Sea Gas, the only thing Scotland was good for was raising sheep.